DNA Sequencing Certificate of Proficiency
Semester 1
BIOSC 30 Genomics Theory 4
BIOSC 32 Good Laboratory Practices in Genomics 1
Semester 2
BIOSC 33 Research Design in Genomics 1
BIOSC 37 Principles of Long Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) 1
BIOSC 40 DNA Shearing Techniques for Shotgun Sequencing in Genomics 1
Semester 3
BIOSC 34 Writing for the Scientific Journal 1
BIOSC 72 DNA Sequencing Using Bridge Amplification for the Illumina HiSeq 1
BIOSC 90 Internship in Genomics 4
16 units

The DNA Sequencing Certificate program offers a unique opportunity to study DNA. The central emphasis of this certificate is mastery of sample preparation, equipment operation and analysis of DNA targeted for technologies such as Illumina and emerging DNA sequencing platforms. A Certificate of Proficiency will be awarded upon satisfactory completion of the courses specified below.