What is Genomics?

Genomics is a branch of genetics that focuses on the study of the genomes of organisms. We focus on studying the structure, function, evolution and mapping of genomes.

Genetics and Molecular Biology focus on single genes, while Genomics analyzes the entire genome. This means all mitochondrial and nuclear DNA is analyzed, instead of a single, smaller sequence.

Genomics is the Future

Several indications lead to Genomics and related bioinformatics being among the fastest job growth areas. Experts expect Genomics to increase at an astounding compound annual growth rate of 26.9% through 2015 and beyond, and the related Bioinformatics segment to increase at a rate of 19.3% (for comparison, general science and technology areas have been growing at about 7.9% during the recession, while many non-science and technology fields have been contracting). [source]

New DNA sequencing technologies are continuing to emerge that are radically changing the structure of medicine and biotechnology and opening up exciting new applications. Contributing to the rise of these new sequencing technologies are advances in Nanotechnology, Microfluidics, Imaging, Enzymology and Bioinformatics. DNA sequencing is a strategic Genomics tool that allows us to study how the genome varies among individuals and how that variation correlates to disease. DNA sequencing technologies are a critical part of today’s life-science industry, affecting a wide range of medical and other commercial activities from drug discovery to diagnostics, revolutionizing anything that has to do with biology from A to Z (Agriculture to Zoology). The sequencing industry is undergoing major shifts in technology, applications, and markets that will change how Genomics is done in the future.

DNA sequencing is expanding beyond exponential growth. Learn more at Genome.gov
Merritt Genomics Program

We provide needed skill sets for students to succeed in the biotech industry of the present and future. Merritt’s program equips graduates with on the job training to ensure that they are the best qualified candidates in a well-paying job market. We partner with real industry leaders and train according to their needs, ensuring that the biotechnology component of the Bay Area economy continues to grow.

Our program is currently housed in a new state-of-the-art facility at 860 Atlantic Avenue in Alameda, California. This facility serves students by giving them access to the various modern devices used by the Genomics industry providing them with a means for practical experience as well as their own personal research. We have an advisory board from industry, government, and academia to ensure that our training remains relevant.