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  • DNA Shearing - Covaris


    We have a Covaris LE220R™, a new instrument that uses adaptive focused acoustics (AFA) under highly controlled conditions to produce site-independent DNA shearing, perfect for the production of DNA libraries. We are able to generate fragment sizes from small to large (100bp-5kb) with precise reproducibility.

    Customized pricing available based on your needs and schedule.

  • DNA Shearing - HydroShear



    The HydroShear DNA Shearing Device is an automated shearing device able of producing fragmented DNA from 3kb - 42kb in length. It uses hydrodynamic drag forces to shear DNA samples in a cut ruby manifold to produce consistent fragmentation every time.


    Customized pricing available based on your needs and schedule.

  • Fragment Analysis



    Tired of Analyzing bands on gels, and quantifying general concentrations? Want to know what exactly is in your sample after shearing?


    With the AATI Fragment Analyzer®, we offer a comprehensive qualification that goes beyond a concentration analysis. This service is often used with NGS quality controls, gDNA quantification, and RNA research to cleanly and efficiently produce a comprehensive report within hour of analysis.


    The AATI Fragment Analyzer® can use up to three 8 x 12 standard 96-well plates, with the added option of using two different gel matrices, for a single run. Utilizing automated capillary system, the AATI is able to process samples with a concentrations as low as 5 pg/μL, and can be resolved down to 2 bp!




  • Cryogenic Tissue Extraction


    If you need to efficiently extract high molecular weight DNA, RNA or protein from fresh tissue samples, with high recovery and high yield, we have a Covaris CryoPrep™.


    This device is able to pulverize snap frozen samples contained in amazing aerospace-designed bags to recover high molecular weight DNA and other biological products. Samples traditionally difficult to extract by other methods, but successfully extracted with the CryoPrep™ include plant material with high cellulose content, including seeds. CryoPrep™ cryogenic tissue pulverization works on samples with high pigment content. Other application areas include dry pulverization, hard tissues, tumor, bone, cartilage, cardiac, and skin.


    Customized pricing available based on your needs.

  • Robotic Colony Picking


    Tired of endless tedious toothpicking? Work with us and automate your colony pickng and plate transfer workflow by many orders of magnitude.


    Our lab is equipped with a Genetix QPix2XT (with stacking) Colony Picker. We also have a Genetix QFill3 with stacking that is a liquid handling instrument that leads into colony picking.


    We can handle SBS formats such as Nunc plates as well as Greiner Multiwell plates.


    Customized pricing available based on your needs and schedule.

  • Size Selection - Pippin Prep



    Faster DNA size selection; NGS Library Construction with the Sage Science Pippin Prep™.


    Following DNA shearing, we offer advanced fragment size selection using the Sage Science Pippin Prep™. Individual sample channels eliminate sample cross-contamination, and reproducible extractions provide more consistent results. The Pippin Prep™ collects targets between 50bp - 1.5kb, providing narrow fragment size distributions for paired-end sequencing. Minimal low molecular weight contamination, reduces wasted reads, and ambiguous indel calling. This approach maximizes short read DNA assemblies.


    Customized pricing available based on your needs.


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  • Microarray Preparation



    We offer microarray slide prep using a Genetix QArray2 Slide Imprinter, accompanied by a Tecan HSPro Hybridization station, Stratagene Polylinker, and Molecular Devices 4 laser Axon scanner.


    We welcome discussions on how we can help you with your experiments, microarray-based assay development, and scanning. We can handle projects at different scales, from imprinting to scanning, based on your needs.

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